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Appeal to Citizens


Heartiest Appeal to Masses


We have sincerely tried to bring a holistic change in Raigad Dist. Police to serve the society in a better way.  We are eager to deliver the services in the best possible manner by reformations, brought systematically with the help of infrastructural changes, procedural changes, and attitudinal changes.


Along with the empowerment of police force we have tried to empower the society by giving knowledge of law and by bringing in transparency and accountability in police functioning. After changing ourselves, we have an appeal for the society. In present situation, police force has the responsibility of protecting the society. For that, our police force should be strong enough to face this challenge. Community has to co-operate with the police to meet this challenge. But a few people in the society try to slacken the power of Police Force. Some try to pressurise the police to take a liberal view while they violating law, organising unwanted morchas and bandhs and also by falsely alleging police of hurting their feelings. Some people derive pleasure in distressing police. Some try to demoralise the police force by negatively raising lacunae in police administration. Sometimes they also allege unjustifiably police, of high handedness while handling Law & Order situations. They also go to the extent of making false depositions before the judiciary, and try to prove that police are false. Sometimes they try to deviate police from their duties by alluring monetarily and also for their selfish motives, while some try to provoke the police on the basis of caste and religion.

Due to all these things, the balance and efficiency of police force is disturbed. This creates hurdles in making society safe and secure.


Therefore, we sincerely appeal to all the citizens to accept the changes that we have made. We further request to offer your suggestions and feedback, if any and also participate in our police work. We are trying to strengthen our internal system by changing appropriately. We seek your valuable support and co-operation in making the Police Force strong and efficient to defeat the antisocial elements in the community.



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